Complete Expert Air Conditioning Design & Installation Service For Surrey Homes

From luxury loft conversions to boutique basements, extensions to garden rooms, if you’re planning a bespoke design, our team can help you design, fit and install a bespoke air conditioning system. Our experienced team are ready to help you create the perfect air flow system for your loft, basement, garden room and home. 

air conditioning renovation

Conservatory Air Conditioning

Floor mounted air conditioning units are ideal for conservatories. If you have a dwarf wall that’s at least 60cm high, the units can tuck neatly under your windows, providing you with a compact and subtle climate control solution.

Wall mounted units can provide a convenient conservatory air conditioning solution. If you have an external brick wall, the unit can fit high up above your sight line to provide effective and unobtrusive air conditioning.

Loft Conversion Air Conditioning

Use home air conditioning to keep your loft conversion comfortable. Get fresher air, better ventilation and immediate temperature control.

​​A ducted air conditioning system can be an ideal way to heat and cool your loft conversion. Air conditioning units can be difficult to retrofit meaning these units are best fitted when you’re converting or refurbishing your loft. Most homeowners choose to box their units in or lower the ceiling to accommodate them.


Bedroom Air Conditioning Solutions

Get a good night’s sleep all year round with bedroom air conditioning. Keep your room in the ideal temperature without noisy fans or open windows. Air conditioning units also help to keep your air clean which can help to improve your health and wellness.