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RC Cooling doesn’t just install Air Conditioning units, we also design heating and ventilation solutions for commercial and residential properties across Surrey and Greater London. Our expert commercial AC installation and ventilation solution service starts with a survey and consultation where we find out what you need from your climate control solution. We’ll then recommend you products and produce a bespoke air conditioning and ventilation system design for your space. We have a wide range of installations we can supply including VRF and HVRF systems.

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Customer Reviews

Highly Recommend!!!

Could not recommend Ryan and his company more.
The customer service is outstanding - great communication, very responsive via phone and email and very professional. The works he carries out is of high standard and you can tell he takes great pride in his work. We have experienced a few emergencies in our office and Ryan has responded with urgency to ensure all issues have been rectified at the soonest. We are very happy with his service!

Bernadett Bencs

Friendly and fast service

We had a complete install of AC and servicing with RC Cooling in our commercial property. The service is always friendly, efficient and prompt.


Very professional & clean.

Have to say very professional. clean, comprehensive and amazing value for money.
Positive attitude and showed me all the issues and not once did they try and push for extras. So refreshing to see. I’m gonna follow up and get works done at our medical clinic with Ryan.

Ishaq Malik

Complete Air Conditioning & Ventilation System Design Service

Air Conditioning & Ventilation Installation & Design Service FAQ

If you are considering installing a new Air Conditioning System for your home or office, RC Cooling can create a bespoke design. On this page you will find a list of popular questions that regularly come up from our customers.
This FAQ will also answer questions you may have about what information you should provide and what changes you may need to make to your existing home or office set-up.

RC Cooling Air Conditioning System Designs – General Questions & FAQ

Air Conditioning System Designs for Large Scale Projects

For a large scale project we will require either detailed drawings to scale or a site visit so we can see the project itself and go through it with you.

Air Conditioning System Designs for Residential Properties

We can install Air Conditioning Systems in apartments, terraced and semi-detached houses as long as there is available space for the external unit and it can be powered from the fuse board, which may require building work.

Air Conditioning System Designs for a Detached House

It may be easier to install an Air Conditioning System on a fully detached house due to your outside space. We can also undertake building work to ensure a bespoke fit to your liking.

Regular Client Questions about RC Cooling Air Conditioning Design

We survey the job on a site visit or request detailed drawings with room sizes so we can design

We would require a detailed drawing and a site survey. We then design according to the room sizes which would include the Air Conditioning units.

Yes for basic and simple jobs, though we may be required to do a core hole for pipes to reach the external condenser. This could be outside or through the fascia in a loft around the top of the house. In some cases we will need to cut holes to get pipework in to then re-patch after, which increases the cost.

Yes, we would require detailed drawings and a site survey.

Yes, for that we would also require detailed drawings and a site survey.

Yes, we have a wealth of experience in working alongside builders.

Yes, we can design and install Air Conditioning Systems to suit any project.

Yes, we can install Air Conditioning Systems for many different types of units including wall mounts, floor mounts and cassette type units.

Air Conditioning works in a home by simply heating up or cooling down the area your unit is feeding.

Yes, radiators are still good to have in your home as the Air Conditioning unit can be considered as almost auxiliary, providing a backup solution to your heating and cooling needs. Also, the heating side of Air Conditioning is not as comfortable in the home as heat generated by the radiator as the unit just gives the room that extra warmth and backup. However, if you install a big and powerful enough Air Conditioning system and your home is properly insulated then you will no longer require radiators.

If you have a big and powerful enough Air Conditioning System it will be fine. However, radiators remain the go-to in certain areas around the house. A really good combination with an Air Conditioning System is underfloor heating throughout your home.

Yes, though we would need to come and create a bespoke design to fit and suit your room. In some cases builder’s work may be required.

Other types of Air Conditioning units such as wall mounts, floor mounts, cassette type and chassis type units are boxed in. That means it depends on the space you have and what can be fitted in.

This also varies and a site survey or detailed drawings, including what’s currently there and the lengths of Air Ducts, would be required.

No, all Air Conditioning systems have an external unit.

If you are a tenant or leaseholder who does not own your property or your property is a listed building and you want to install an air conditioning unit or system, you may need to have permission from your landlord or property management company. If you own the property and there are no restrictions in your lease or freehold agreement, you don’t need planning permission.

For such a big area to cover you would need a 20KW outdoor unit which would have four or five indoor units feeding from it, one for each room. We would have to be able to install the pipework and on finished homes this may require a lot of builder’s works. However, on a renovation or site this is pretty straightforward.

All different types could be used to best suit the rooms in your home. If you have a loft space then we usually advise to use that as it can feed the bedrooms below with grilles meaning the units themselves are not visible. Wall mounts are also very popular.