When Is the Best Time to Install Air Conditioning?

When Is the Best Time to Install Air Conditioning?

Choosing the best time to install an air conditioner can be difficult, but doing so correctly will save you both time and money. Different individuals have various reasons for installing air-con units: from replacing an air conditioner that broke down in spring to adding a new unit for your home renovation project. 

If you’re wondering, when is the best time to install air conditioning? Look no further and continue reading to find out. 

Don’t Plan to Install an AC Unit in the Summer

If you’ve left buying your air conditioner until summer, you’ve probably left it until the last minute. Choosing summer for your air conditioner installation is usually not ideal as it’s the busiest time for installations, so it will be difficult to get hold of a qualified domestic air conditioning service company during this time. Rushing to purchase during summer means you may not have had time to research to find the best AC unit for your home. It’s essential to get a system that suits the size and shape of your house. During summer, when the demand for air conditioning units in Surrey is high, you’re unlikely to get a good discount on your new AC purchase.

When is the Best Time to Install Air Conditioning? Is Installing an AC Unit in Autumn a Good Decision?

The best time to install an air conditioning unit is in autumn, as the demand is at its lowest. After summer, AC retailers are often overstocked with units, so it’s a good time to look for sales and discounts. You might be able to enjoy a hefty bargain by picking up last year’s model. Fewer buyers and less demand mean that it will be easier to get an appointment with an AC installation company while allowing you to secure a unit at a lower price. Considering your purchase in the off-season also means you have more time to research exactly what kind of system will work for your property. Having your air conditioner set up in the autumn gives you adequate time to prepare and maintain the unit before the weather starts warming up again. 

In Conclusion

Choosing the right time to buy an air conditioner unit will save you time and money. It’ll also make the process less of a rush to make one of the most important decisions for your home. If you’re planning to install an AC, get in touch with RC Cooling. We’re a leading air conditioning repair service based in Surrey that will go the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied with our work. If you’re searching for “air conditioning maintenance Surrey”,  RC cooling comes on top! We handle everything from the most complex large-scale projects to minor repair jobs. If you have questions about your AC system or want to know more about installation, maintenance, or replacing filters, please don’t hesitate to call us.