Installing Air Conditioning Units In Conservatories

Installing Air Conditioning Units In Conservatories

Are you ready for summer? Now’s the time to install Air Conditioning Units in Conservatories before it gets too hot! If you are looking to fully enjoy your conservatory, RC Cooling can provide the ideal Air Conditioning solution.

What’s the Best Time of Year to Install an Air Conditioning Unit in a Conservatory?

What’s the best time of year to install an AC unit into a conservatory? No matter what time of the year, you will want to sit back in a clean and pleasant environment and the good news about air conditioning units is that they can keep you cool in summer and hot in winter, meaning your conservatory is more comfortable year round.

In the UK, it’s typically not so easy to regulate and maintain temperatures in a conservatory as the temperature can flux with the British weather being stiflingly hot in summer and rather nippy in winter. Keeping your conservatory comfortably warm or cool means ensuring that the dimensions and glass coverage are taken into account. Our team of industry experts can provide tailor-made solutions for a wide range of budgets. Contact our local engineers for a free, no obligation quote.

What Kind of Air Conditioning Unit is the Best for Conservatories?

What air conditioning units are best for conservatories? Let’s take a look at the two most popular, low floor-mounted ac units and wall mounted ac units.

Low Floor-mounted Air Conditioning Units for Conservatories

The ideal Air Conditioning units for conservatories are low floor-mounted due to conservatories being constructed mainly out of glass and lacking full-sized, solid walls. For instance, if your conservatory has a dwarf wall that is at least 60cm high then these units can fit snugly under your windows. These are also relatively straightforward to retrofit in other rooms without having to redecorate while in a conservatory they offer a compact and discreet climate control solution.

Wall-mounted Air Conditioning Units for Conservatories

Wall-mounted Air Conditioning units can be more convenient and if you have an external brick wall, the unit can fit high up above your line of sight. Not only is this an effective solution but an unobtrusive one. The units themselves are usually cheaper and offer a range of sizes as well as shapes to choose from. 

How to Choose an Air Conditioning Unit for Your Conservatory?

Whichever units you decide to choose, our Air Conditioning engineers are certified to install units made by over ten leading manufacturers. We also have the experience to recommend the ideal Air Conditioning systems for your conservatory with a range of prices to suit your budget.

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