How Much Electricity Does an Air Conditioning Unit Use?

How Much Electricity Does an Air Conditioning Unit Use?

In most homes, air conditioners are a must-have piece of equipment, especially during summer, as it helps spread cold air around the house, keeping your home at cool and comfortable temperatures.  How much electricity does an air conditioning unit use? Read on to understand the electricity consumption of air conditioners to figure out how much you should budget for your home energy expenses.

How Much Electricity Does an Air Conditioning Unit Use?

The air conditioner’s capacity determines its energy consumption. The bigger the unit, the greater the cooling requirements and the higher the AC energy consumption. British thermal units (BTUs) measure an AC’s capacity. On average, you will need 20 BTUs for every square footage. For example, a 24000 BTU (2 ton) air conditioner uses around 2000 watts, while a 36000 BTU (3 ton) AC unit uses about 3000 watts. It’s also important to note that newer air conditioners are significantly more efficient when compared with older models. Also, newer air conditioners use less power and energy than older models to run at the same capacity. The efficiency of your AC unit is indicated by a SEER or EER rating sticker affixed to the AC. The energy consumption of an air conditioner not only depends on its rated capacity and efficiency but also on other factors such as usage time, outdoor temperature and quality of insulation. Keep in mind that if the air conditioning installation isn’t carried out professionally, you could have issues with the electricity consumption. If you’re looking for quality air conditioning installation in Surrey, call us! RC Cooling provides air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair for residential and commercial properties. 

Types of ACs and Their Consumption

Some homes have one air conditioner, but many two-story homes have two AC units which can increase the electricity usage. Electricity usage can vary depending on different factors. On average, a home air conditioner can use about 3,000 watts of electricity an hour. If you have it on all day, that’s 72,000 watts of electricity daily! However, running it on the ‘fan-only’ mode will only consume about 750 watts an hour. Portable air conditioners can use up to 4,100 watts, and window AC units can use up to 1,440 watts for large models, 900 watts for medium, and 500 watts for smaller models. Air conditioner manufacturers print information on the label to help you determine how much electricity usage you can expect. Most air conditioners (depending on season and location) run an average of 1,600 hours annually, or 132 hours a month.

In Conclusion

Multiple window air conditioners will use more energy than a single correctly sized central air conditioner if you want to cool the entire house. On the other hand, a window air conditioner will be the more efficient alternative if you only need to cool a single room. 

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