Is It Better to Have Multiple AC Units?

Is It Better to Have Multiple AC Units

Multiple AC units make it easy to maintain the ideal temperature in your home. In reality, one part of your house will be hotter or more challenging to cool than another. For example, in a two-story house, the upstairs section is frequently warmer because warm air rises. Furthermore, because the upper unit is closer to the roof, is it better to have many AC units in a home? To answer the question, having two or three air conditioners in your home might help keep the temperature stable. However, it depends on the type of home you live in, and there is no right or wrong answer.

Is It Better to Have Multiple AC Units? Are You Living in a Modern Home?

You don’t want to sweat inside the house, especially during the hot summer months. If you’re feeling the heat, you may need to add more AC units to keep the interior cool. However, this is dependent on several factors. For example, if you live in a newer, modern ome, the house is likely to be highly insulated. In addition, if you live in a contemporary apartment, you might have an air conditioner installed in each room. Apartments are highly insulated and have no exposed sections, so it’s pretty easy to cool them even in the summer. Contact a 24-hour air conditioning service before making any decisions.

Cooling an Old Home

Do you live in an old house? They are notoriously tricky to heat and cool adequately. Older homes are poorly insulated and not designed to accommodate air conditioners. There are also numerous opportunities for hot air to leak from outside in older homes. Fitting several AC units into an old home is more complicated. Unfortunately, many older homes lack a suitable location for installing ducting for a standard central air-conditioning system. Furthermore, lowering ceilings or constructing walls to conceal supply and return ducts is costly and can contaminate indoor spaces. The best course of action is to seek the advice of RC Cooling, a leading air conditioning engineer in Surrey.

Mini-split AC Systems

But don’t worry: there are air-conditioning systems that don’t require a lot of cumbersome ductwork. Individual cooling units positioned room by room are used in mini-split systems, which require only a small refrigerant and a power connection. You can easily link the cooling unit to an external air-conditioning compressor and fan. Split AC systems are relatively simple to install. A mini-split is a cost-effective solution since it allows you to install cooling units in just one or two rooms, creating a sanctuary to escape to during the hot summer days.


The most critical aspect of a comfortable home is a suitably sized air-conditioning system. Several reasons determine whether you require multiple units fitted into a space or want to install an AC unit with a bigger compressor. Generally, you need to use the services of a competent air conditioning company like RC Cooling to find the best solution. Get in touch with RC Cooling, an air conditioning installation service in Surrey, to find out about the services we can offer you. You can be assured about the service quality of RC Cooling as we have been serving as a leading Air Conditioning Contractor operating in Surrey, Sussex and London since 2015