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RC Cooling Mechanical Services is one of the best ventilation companies in Surrey and Greater London. Our ventilation and air conditioning design and installation solutions are energy-efficient, and we consistently maintain our high standards during installation through to subsequent maintenance services.

With a long family history in AC Design and Installation, the team at RC Cooling can provide you with tailor made air conditioning and ventilation systems for residential and commercial buildings. Our experienced team of engineers can offer you a well-suited and cost effective solution for your specific requirement. And, we will carry out each aspect of system installation with detail-oriented precision by our own team, meaning no expensive contractor costs are passed on to you.

Customer Reviews

The engineer Ryan was excellent

The engineer Ryan was excellent, he explained things every step of the way and thoroughly tested the unit to ensure all was well. The installation was done quickly and neatly with minimum disruption and the ducting looks very neat. The unit is super efficient and extremely quiet. Highly recommended.

Mr. Hedges

Highly recommend

I found Ryan online and he was great, made the whole process super easy and left everything spotless once they were done. Would highly recommend him and his team.

Claire Chapuis

Excellent job, very professional

Ryan and his colleague did an excellent job at our house. They installed a new AC unit with the outdoor unit too and the work was really neat and professional - very much recommend anyone to use his services, thanks!

Ivan Armani

What is the best ventilation solution?

The best ventilation option for your home or office building depends on the size of your property and a number of other factors such as the level of air pollution in your area. We can help you analyze your property and match the ventilation system to your requirement. We rely on our years of experience and technical know-how to design the right ventilation solution for your property.

What is the best commercial ventilation installation for Surrey?

With the COVID – 19 threat still looming, you need to find the best air quality control and air filters for your office. The best type of ventilation system would keep your office environment cosy in winter and cool in summer, and above all healthy. To this end, you need a tailor-made solution for your property.

Our services include a comprehensive survey and consultation to determine the ideal solution for your building. And, we have a wide range of reputed products to ensure high standards at all times.

How to find an Air-purifier manufacturer in Surrey UK?

Air purification is integral to creating a safe, healthy space at your home and commercial property. We only work with well-reputed, time-tested brands. Hence, we can help you choose and install the best air purification system to suit the specific design and size of your property.

How to find an air ventilation system for a home in Surrey?

Ventilation systems work because they maintain a flow of fresh air to remove moisture, air-borne bacteria, dust, smoke and even excess heat. Ventilation systems also circulate air within the building. The effectiveness of any ventilation system depends on whether it was customized for your home or not in the first place. And, this is where we come in. We can survey your property and design a bespoke system for optimal efficiency.

How much does an air ventilator cost in Surrey?

The cost of ventilation varies depending on the property, size, system and various other factors. If you are interested in a ventilation system for your home or office building, contact our engineers for a free, no-obligation quotation.

  • Water and Gas Leaks
  • Insufficient heating and cooling problems
  • Poor performance
  • Unusual noise
  • Odd smells
  • Faulty codes on your air conditioning unit

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