Think COVID-19 Safe For Schools and Community Spaces In Burgh Heath

Think COVID-19 Safe For Schools and Community Spaces

There are now new COVID-19 guidelines from the government for schools and community spaces and you may need to make some changes to the air flow. You may be asked to keep doors and windows open where safe to do so which would pose an issue in winter months. The changes you need to make might not be drastic alterations yet your Air Conditioning should certainly be considered and RC Cooling will be able to help.

Why You Should Choose Us For Your School or Community Space In Burgh Heath

For any changes you make you will be in good hands. All of our engineers are REFCOM, SafeContractor and F-gas Certified accredited. They are also qualified to fit, service and repair a wide range of air conditioning units across London, Surrey and Sussex. We can offer a bespoke design that considers all dimensions of your school or community space to ensure that the Air Ventilation is efficient yet still provides a comfortable environment. We are also certified to install and work on units made by over ten leading air conditioner manufacturers. Your impact on the environment is also a priority which is why we have a range of eco-friendly and energy efficient units.

If you use a centralised Air Ventilation system it is recommended that you turn off re-circulation which we can certainly advise on to introduce a fresh air supply. We can also look at ensuring that the Air Conditioning systems in individual rooms are working efficiently and that there is an ample supply of portable units. We also have portable Air Conditioning units for hire as a cost-effective solution. 

Ensure Your School or Community Space Meets The COVID-19 Guidelines

You will also want to ensure that your school or community space is COVID-19 safe and meets the government guidelines. This could mean several changes including; 

  • The layout of your rooms and ensuring that the air flow is safe and efficient
  • Installing ceiling vents and desk fans to improve Air Circulation
  • Increasing the current Air Ventilation rate by adjusting the fan speed
  • Installing or performing maintenance on existing air filters

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