Surrey Air Conditioning Installation For Bars, Pubs & Restaurants

Air Conditioning Installation for Bars

Having worked with small independent businesses we appreciate how important an effective Air Conditioning installation is to ensure your customers and staff are comfortable. With COVID-19 causing concern for good ventilation, now has never been a better time to consider upgrading your air conditioning system and installing a ventilation system that keeps everyone in your bar, pub or restaurant as safe as can be. Afterall, the days of a local bar being renowned for its stuffy atmosphere look to be numbered as customers now expect a clean, pleasant and, above all, relaxing and well-ventilated environment. If you are considering installing a new air conditioning system or upgrading an existing system our team will be happy to call you or visit for an initial consultation.

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Why You Should Choose RC Cooling For An Air Conditioning Installation of Your Local Surrey Bar, Pub, or Restaurant?

We can offer bespoke designed air conditioning systems and the service begins with a survey and consultation. Our team of industry experts engineers can then look at the specific requirements for your property to achieve your climate control solution and then recommend units from over ten leading Air Conditioning manufacturers.

How to Deal With Seasonal Temperature Changes in Your Bar, Pub or Restaurant

Due to changes in seasons, the number of people in your establishment, and the way your property is built, you’ll need to ensure you have the relevant heating and ventilation system for your business. Your establishment may suffer from temperature fluctuation and we can look work with you to recommend the best system for your needs. Our experts will design and install an air conditioning system that will solve your heating solution for every season of the year, ensuring a comfortable, moderate climate control with Air Conditioning and heating systems that are of the highest standards.

Air Conditioning & Ventilation Systems For Bars, Pubs & Restaurants

RC Cooling work with the very best air conditioning manufacturers in the industry offering our clients peace of mind that your system will be reliable and efficient. When it comes to air conditioning systems for public venues, reliability and energy-efficient air conditioning systems are extremely important to save your business money and time. After all, the last thing you want to do after getting back to business is having to slow down or even close for maintenance because your Air Conditioning system needs repairs.

Think COVID-19 Safe Ventilation For Your Bar

You will also want to ensure that your bar meets current guidelines to ensure it is COVID-19 safe. This means increasing Air Ventilation and ensuring that the current system is operating when the bar is open with visitors. You should also look at using ceiling fans to improve Air Circulation as well as installing or performing maintenance on air filters. It may also be wise to consider increasing the current Air Ventilation rate by adjusting the fan speed.

Read more about COVID safe ventilation guidelines published by the UK Government.

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