Hire Air Conditioning Equipment For An Event And Pop Up Space In Merton

Hire Air Conditioning Equipment For An Event And Pop Up Space

If you are looking to create an event or pop up space for your business then the Air Conditioning system should be high up on your to-do list. You will only get a single chance to create the best unique impression for a one-off occasion and this requires a clean, comfortable and pleasant environment so contact our local engineers to hire portable equipment across London, Surrey & Sussex at cost-effective rates. 

Why Air Conditioning Is Important For An Event Or Pop Up Space In Merton

Events and pop up spaces are usually held in multi-purpose buildings and marquees. These types of temporary structures are occasionally troublesome as they can suffer from fluctuating temperatures which could prove unbearable. When filled with visitors they can rapidly gain or retain heat then become cold as the unpredictability of British weather occurs. However big or small your event or pop up space is we can cater for the location. We can offer a bespoke design and a range of portable Air Conditioning units which are available for immediate hire at competitive rates from over ten leading manufacturers. If you want to ensure the atmosphere remains consistently enjoyable then you should look to hire Air Conditioning equipment and you can do that from RC Cooling. Our experienced team can discuss your options, including where to put your Air Conditioning units and what types are best suited for the occasion. Contact our local engineers for a free, no obligation quote.

Think COVID-19 Safe For Your Event Or Pop Up Space In Merton

Even if the building that will host your event or pop up space has built-in Air Conditioning, new requirements may mean this proves inadequate. You should be considering the Air Ventilation throughout your environment and looking at ceiling fans. Then there is the Air Quality itself to look out for and specifically using air filters to combat airborne pollutants and airborne viruses.  

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