Heat Recovery And Air Ventilation Systems In Your Guildford Home

Heat Recovery And Air Ventilation Systems

With contemporary homes becoming increasingly limited in the indoor space they offer, many have become ‘air tight’. Without an Air Ventilation system, volatile organic compounds such as chemical fumes, odours and humidity can build up. In the warmer months it may be possible to open a window yet that can mean unfiltered air and extra warmth entering into the home. Keeping doors and windows open in the colder months also means losing heat. Installing a Heat Recovery and Air Ventilation system with RC Cooling can solve those issues. 

What Are Heat Recovery And Air Ventilation Systems?

Heat Recovery And Air Ventilation Systems are built with a heat exchanger appliance which also uses a central duct system that supplies and extracts air throughout the home. The systems are usually built within ceilings and voids for concealment and an effective, discreet means of air flow. 

In rooms which naturally experience water vapour buildup, including kitchens, toilets and bathrooms, the air is extracted to prevent a damp, wet atmosphere. Fresh air is then supplied to the other, more habitable spaces in your home such as the living room, dining room and bedrooms. The system works intrinsically in your home with the heat exchanger, pre-heating the fresh air in the colder months and bypassing that warmer fresh air in summer to introduce cooler air. 

Why A Heat Recovery And Air Ventilation System Is Important In Your Guildford Home

As an Air Ventilation system, the installation continuously supplies and extracts air in your home. The system also recognises when a wet room, such as a bathroom or toilet, is occupied and can boost the fan speed to extract even more air. Without such a system and with no fresh air fans, stale air can build up which can cause ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ and result in headaches, rashes, tiredness, coughing, sore eyes or throat and a runny nose. 

With many contemporary homes being highly insulated and airtight, they can trap heat which results in uncomfortably warm conditions during summer. A Heat Recovery and Air Ventilation System can provide ventilation efficiently by using the energy elements already present within the property. Contact our local engineers today for a free, no obligation quote.

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