Hiring an Air Conditioner: Pros and Cons

hiring an air conditioner

Thinking about hiring an air conditioner? Have you been looking at air conditioning unit hire in the UK for your London business or home temporarily? While local heating and air conditioning companies facilitate hiring air conditioners on a temporary basis, is it the right call for you? Let’s look at the pros and cons of portable air conditioner hire.

What Are the Pros of Air Conditioning Hire?

Air conditioning unit hire in the UK can be a great option if you merely want a temporary solution. Local heating and air conditioning companies facilitate portable air conditioner hire, a type of AC unit that rests on the floor and connects to common mains outlets. Such portable or standalone systems are optimal as a quick remedy. And, here are some of the advantages of renting an AC unit.

Reduced upfront cost – This is the key benefit of hiring a portable AC unit. Hiring charges begin at around ₤40 weekly for a small unit, up to ₤60 for bigger AC units. However, you may have to pay more for better systems.

Mobility – If you are looking for a mobile air conditioning option, hiring a portable unit is a feasible idea. These units are easy to relocate, although they can be hefty at times. If you have several rooms to air condition over a few weeks, try hiring a short-term AC unit.

Moreover, if you own a structure where you’re unable to install an AC unit, and still would like to climate control the space, hiring an AC unit is your best option.

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What Are the Cons of Air Conditioning Hire?

Hiring a portable AC unit is one of the two main London air conditioning solutions – the other being installing a permanent system. Let us take a look at the disadvantages of hiring portable units.

Increased noise levels – Mobile air conditioning units are commonly noisier than the AC systems that you install on a permanent basis. If you hire a portable unit, you would need to be prepared to put up with or come up with a strategy to mitigate the resulting droning noise.

Compromised safety – Mobile AC units come with a hose pipe that feeds out the warm air after extraction and cooling. You would need to open a window or keep a door ajar to feed the hose pipe out. This can compromise the security of your property.

Additionally, while mobile AC units are inexpensive at the outset, if you choose this solution in the long-term, it can be expensive. In addition to the hiring cost, you will pay for the running cost, which is likely to be greater than the initial cost of installing a more permanent system that is yours to keep.

What Are the Advantages of Air Conditioner Installation?

If hiring an air conditioner does not sound like the best option for you, the best alternative would be installing a long-term AC system.  

In fact, AC unit installation is one of the best climate control options for London properties, as these can keep your home or office cool in summer and well-heated in winter. You also have the option of choosing a system that comes with additional features such as motion detectors, night setting and silent mode.

Split level and ceiling cassette air conditioners are quieter than mobile AC units. They come in a number of sizes, shapes and colours to match your space.

As long as you maintain your long-term AC unit properly and conduct annual servicing, the system will continue to function well and optimize climate control of your property at a minimal cost, apart from the initial cost.

Is Hiring an Air Conditioner Worth It or Should You Install One?

Whether you should hire a mobile air conditioner or install a long-term unit largely depends on your requirements and budget. If you need to climate control your property for a short-term event, hire a portable AC unit. Alternatively, you can buy your own portable AC unit, and use it whenever the need arises. However, if you feel you need climate control in the long run, installing an AC system is a sensible option.

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