Do Loft Conversions Need Air Conditioning?

Do Loft Conversions Need Air Conditioning?

Do loft conversions need air conditioning? Extending upwards is a great way to add space to your home. In fact, loft conversion has become a trend in some areas of London. And, loft conversion air conditioning is essential to keep the heat in summer and freezing cold in winter at bay. Moreover, it’s important to look for professional air conditioning installation in London to ensure things are done properly. Let us take a look at the best AC unit for loft conversions.

Do Loft Conversions Need Air Conditioning?

In terms of temperature, London lofts tend to be the most extreme spaces in the city. In summer, temperatures go up and sun shines on the roof. The roof absorbs the heat throughout the long days. Without adequate insulation and air conditioning, the temperature in your loft can get to unbearable levels. And, in winter lofts are usually the spaces which experience the temperature drop the most. The good news is that loft air conditioning serves the dual purpose of heating in winter and cooling in summer.

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How to Go About Air Conditioning Unit Installation in a Loft?

Air conditioning even a small space such as a loft is a complex task that requires proper planning. Your AC unit needs to match the room size and be placed in an optimal spot. Otherwise, you are likely to end up with insufficient cooling and heating, and a problematic AC unit. As a majority of lofts have pitched roofs and lack full-sized walls, air conditioning unit installation in these spaces need to be carefully planned.

Often, the solution is low mounted air conditioners that can be placed at a low level on the wall. This type of AC unit solves the problem of sloping and low ceilings in lofts. And, they can typically be placed out of the line of sight like radiators, adding to the design value of the space. Usually, one AC unit is sufficient to cool and heat loft spaces, but if your loft is more spacious, you might need to invest in two units.

However, you would need to consult an air conditioning engineer to determine the right type and size of air conditioner for your loft conversion.

Investing in a loft conversion air conditioner is a long-term commitment, one that you need to go into after a careful analysis of all the variables such as the room size and space constraints. To request a quote or arrange a visit from one of our air conditioning experts, please call our office during working hours.