Is It More Efficient to Leave Air Conditioning On

Is It More Efficient to Leave Air Conditioning On

Air conditioners provide a comfortable interior during the hot summer months, keeping your home cool. But is it more efficient to leave air conditioning on all day? Or should you be turning it off whenever you leave the house? 

Is It More Efficient to Leave Air Conditioning on? The Bare Facts

Contrary to popular belief, leaving your air conditioner on is more efficient than regularly turning it on and off. Having your air conditioner on also allows you to control humidity in your home throughout the day. In warmer weather, the lower the humidity in the residence, the more pleasant it feels. However, if you’re going to be away from your home for several days, it makes little sense to leave the AC switched on. It’s only worth leaving on when you do things like going to work, or running errands like going to the supermarket to pick up groceries. When you switch on your air conditioner again, it’ll have to work much harder to restore optimal comfort levels. You should avoid setting the thermostat to the lowest setting, hoping to quickly cool your home. Rather than making your home more pleasant, misusing the thermostat causes your air conditioner to work inefficiently. If you need advice on how to set the thermostat correctly, contact RC Cooling. We’re an air conditioning installation contractor offering air conditioning services in surrey.

What to Do While You’re Away

While you’re out, your AC can maintain humidity and temperature balance by being set to the optimal settings. When you return, you should turn the temperature down a notch. You’ll save money on your air conditioning costs and repairs by following these instructions. Also, bear in mind that it’s best not to turn off your air conditioner altogether, especially during the hot summer months. You also don’t want it going at full throttle all the time. After all, air conditioners consume a significant amount of power, accounting for a substantial portion of your energy bill.

In Conclusion

We’ve all wondered if it’s okay to leave the air conditioner on after returning home to a stuffy house after a long, hot summer day. The greatest advice you can obtain is from RC Cooling if you have any doubts on this subject. We’re one of the leading Surrey air conditioning companies. We also do home air conditioning installation in Surrey, Sussex and London and we’ve been operating since 2015. As fully-certified AC engineers, we’re ready to tackle anything from the most complex and large scale projects to minor repair jobs. We’re fuelled by a commitment to excellence and go the extra mile to ensure our clients are delighted with our work.