The Air Conditioning Systems We Install For Your Home Or Business In Esher

The Air Conditioning Systems We Install

As a leading Air Conditioning Contractor since 2015, RC Cooling has vast experience in large scale projects as well as contemporary homes. We can offer bespoke design solutions from a range of Air Conditioning Systems including VRV and Mini VRV systems as well as Split systems and Multi-Split systems. Ensuring that your home or business is COVID-19 safe should be prioritised and the Air Conditioning system you install will be crucial. 

VRV And Mini VRV Systems 

Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) is a bespoke technology that alters the refrigerant volume in an Air Conditioning system to match that of the building it is installed in. The system’s main benefits include its energy efficiency as a limited amount of energy is needed to maintain desired set temperatures. VRV systems also automatically shut themselves off should no occupants be detected in the room thus saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. 

The Mini VRV system is more compact and uses an optimised low height platform while offering easier handling. As it is a smaller size the installation is discreet and the noise is reduced even more.  

Split Systems

Split Air Conditioning systems are best placed to cool or heat a room efficiently and consist of one indoor unit which is then connected to an outdoor unit for a working air flow. This separation means that the indoor units can remain quiet as the compressor is left outside. The units themselves include heat pump inverters to cool and heat a room as required.

Multi-Split Systems

Multi-Split Air Conditioning systems consist of a single outdoor unit which runs several indoor units. These are best used if your outdoor space is limited and you do not envisage a range of Air Conditioning units outside yet still want to maintain the flow of clean air. With only the single outdoor unit involved, this is also an option to consider for reduced installation costs. 

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