Think COVID-19 Safe With These Air Conditioning Products In Box Hill

COVID-19 Safe With These Air Conditioning Products

As hospitality venues, leisure facilities and offices reopen, indoor air quality is now of prime importance. The Air Conditioning system that you already have in your business may need updating in line with new government regulations. RC Cooling has a range of products to combat airborne viruses to keep your business COVID-19 safe.

Airius PureAir Fan Systems

The Airius PureAir Fan System can be fitted into a grid ceiling structure or directly to the ceiling slab. This is an Air Purification and Air Flow Circulation Fan System which uses Photohydroionization Cell technology to project a broad spectrum HE/UV light to neutralise up to 99% of all harmful airborne viruses, certain bacteria, germs and mould. One of the many benefits of the cost-effective system is its efficiency, offering discrete constant Air Purification as well as eliminating hot and cold spots for reduced energy consumption. With the Airius PureAir Fan System, not only will you be making your office safer from airborne pollutants, you will also improve the comfort of your business and reduce carbon emissions.

nanoe™ X Technology From Panasonic

If you want a solution that works independently from a heating or cooling system, that does not require maintenance nor air filters then nanoe™ X Technology from Panasonic may be the one. The technology can be used in Air Conditioning units and uses hydroxyl radicals which can inhibit the growth of pollutants, including airborne viruses, certain bacteria, mould and pollen. The naturally occurring process also deodorises nasty odours thus improving your indoor environment and keeping your air fresh as well as clean. 

Bluescience’s UV Air Disinfection System

Using ultraviolet germicidal inactivation (UVGI) light is known to be particularly effective in combating airborne viruses, including COVID-19. That’s why Bluescience’s UV Air Disinfection System can bring a cost-effective, energy efficient solution. The LED based retrofit kit can be installed into existing mini-split Air Conditioning systems as a first line of defence. The kit effectively converts the system into a powerful air purifier, collecting microorganisms and sanitising contaminated air of bacteria, moulds as well as odours by constant disinfection. 

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