COVID-19 Ventilation Solutions for Bars and Restaurants in Surrey

ventilation solutions for bars and restaurants in Surrey

Do you need ventilation solutions for bars and restaurants in Surrey? Is your bar or restaurant ready to welcome back customers? Have you considered how to provide your customers and staff a safe, well-ventilated environment? When was the last time your air conditioning unit or ventilation system was cleaned? If you’ve not done this yet, or if you don’t have an air conditioning or ventilation system now is a great time to give us a call.

Ventilation Solutions for Bars and Restaurants in Surrey

With the government introducing guidelines for all types of businesses, if you operate a bar, restaurant, cafe or pub you may need to make some changes to the airflow system and make sure your venue is safe for your customers and team. These things may sound daunting but with RC Cooling, you don’t worry, as in most cases you won’t need to make drastic alterations or pay huge fees. We always have a range of solutions and we are more than happy to provide a free estimate and consultation. There are several things to consider for your ventilation system and RC Cooling will be able to help.

Why You Should Choose Our AC Engineers for Your COVID-19 Return to Work Clean Up

As a leading Air Conditioning Contractor since 2015 we have vast experience in working with several small, independent businesses and in large-scale projects across London, Surrey, and Sussex. We can offer a bespoke design that considers all dimensions of your bar to ensure that the air flow is enhanced yet maintains a cool, pleasant atmosphere. We are also certified to install and work on units made by over ten leading air conditioner manufacturers while keeping in mind your impact on the environment by using eco-friendly and energy efficient units.

Need Help With Air Conditioning & Ventilation Systems for Your Bar or Restaurant in Surrey?

The team at RC Cooling have the expertise and resource to handle a vast range of ventilation solutions from small bars to large scale complexes. Follow this link to find out more about our air conditioning installation service for the hospitality industry.

Ensure your Bar, Restaurant, Cafe or Pub Meets the COVID-19 Guidelines

You will also want to ensure that your bar is COVID-19 safe and meets the government guidelines for ventilation. This could mean several changes including; 

  • Increasing the amount of Air Ventilation units 
  • Increasing the current Air Ventilation rate by adjusting the fan speed
  • Ensuring that the current Air Conditioning system is operating when the bar is open with visitors 
  • Installing ceiling fans to improve Air Circulation 
  • Installing or performing maintenance on existing air filters

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