How Much Does It Cost to Install Air Conditioning in Your Surrey Home?

How much does it cost to install air conditioning

How much does it cost to install air conditioning in your Surrey home? We’ve got cost-effective and economical solutions for all types of properties. As local engineers, we know the local buildings meaning we save you time and money when choosing our air conditioning installation services for your Surrey homes.

Installing an Air Conditioning unit in your home can be a big decision. With so many factors to think about before you find the ideal unit, researching your options and getting a quote can point you in the right direction. RC Cooling can offer a wide range of Air Conditioning systems to suit your property. Contact our local engineers and after a few simple questions, we can provide a free, no-obligation quote. 

Our local engineers are certified to install units made by over ten leading Air Conditioner manufacturers. We will recommend the best systems for your home with a price range to suit your budget.

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Air Conditioning Units Can Be Installed in a Range of Properties

There are several different property types, all of which will have different Air Conditioning considerations. The number of floors and size of your home must also be taken into account. We have fitted units into modern apartment buildings, contemporary homes and for remodeling projects so we would be experienced in telling you which units would work best. 

Where Should My Air Conditioning Unit Be Installed?

To work out where to install your air conditioning unit and make the most of the air flow through your property means working out the best place to install it. Whether it be a bedroom, kitchen, conservatory, loft conversion, or even a full ventilation system for your home, an AC or ventilation system will drastically improve your living environment.

Here’s a Tip for Saving Money on Your Air Conditioning Install

Consider where you want the Air Conditioning units positioned as it is cheaper to install on an external wall rather than on the floor or on an internal way. Finally, take the time to measure the rooms so we’d have a better idea of the required system output.

Cost of Installing Air Conditioning Units in Your Surrey Home

For a split system consisting of one indoor unit and one outdoor unit for a room measuring 4m² with a short pipe up to 8m long, prices start from £950+VAT. This includes the units themselves as well as materials and labour. For a home office, Air Conditioning installation starts from £1500+VAT. Various factors are considered for the estimated costs of installing an Air Conditioning unit.