What Does an Air Conditioning Compressor Do?

What Does an Air Conditioning Compressor Do?

What does an air conditioning compressor do? An AC compressor unit’s primary function is to compress the refrigerant in your system to cool down the hot and humid areas in your house. While the compressor does all the heavy work, the chemical reaction of the refrigerant is critical to maintaining a comfortable home. For this to happen, the compressor should work optimally and have sufficient refrigerant.

What Does an Air Conditioning Compressor Do?

When refrigerant exits an air conditioner’s evaporator, it takes the form of low-pressure gas. The refrigerant must be at a greater temperature and pressure to release the heat the refrigerant has absorbed, and the compressor compresses the molecules of the gas-based refrigerant. Due to the increase in temperature and the pressure of the refrigerant, the heat goes from warm to cool surfaces while the heat in the high-temperature refrigerant moves to the cooler air outside. This air is discharged via the condenser.

What Causes the Breakdown of an AC Compressor?

A failed or faulty air conditioning compressor will not circulate refrigerant in the air conditioning system, resulting in heated air entering the AC vents. As a result, if the AC compressor malfunctions, you may experience high temperatures and heated airflow inside your home. If the amount of refrigerant in the system is not optimal, it may cause too much pressure or strain, resulting in compressor failure. Too little refrigerant is usually the result of an unprofessional AC technician or a refrigerant leak.

How Long Should an AC Compressor Last?

Your air conditioner’s compressor should last the entire life of your unit. We can reasonably assume that if you buy a good brand of air conditioner from a recognised manufacturer, it will last for at least twelve years. However, if your air conditioner is too small for the cooling space, it may not last as long. Furthermore, if you do not keep your air conditioner in good working order, you’ll significantly reduce its intended lifespan.

How to Maintain an Air Conditioner Compressor

To extend the life of your compressor, keep your outdoor unit (also known as the condenser unit) clean of leaves and other debris. Accumulating leaves and debris can cause harm to the compressor, fan, or condenser, so keeping them as clean as possible is critical.

In Conclusion

Only a professional AC service expert should perform compressor tune-ups on your air conditioner. RC Cooling’s service specialists will check the refrigerant levels during maintenance visits to ensure enough refrigerant is available. Running your air conditioner with insufficient refrigerant might strain the compressor causing it to fail. If you need to do an air conditioning repair in Surrey, contact us at RC Cooling. We service air conditioning units in Surrey while offering commercial air conditioning repair services in Sussex and London. When you search for  “24 hour air conditioning repair near me”, the name that comes out on top is RC Cooling!