Why Does Air Conditioning Smell Musty?

Why Does Air Conditioning Smell Musty?

Why Does Air Conditioning Smell Musty? There are numerous causes, but the most common are mould, mildew, and bacteria buildup in your evaporator coil. A ducted central air conditioning system, in particular, is a dark and damp environment that fosters bacterial development. If your air conditioner smells like rotten eggs, it could indicate a gas leak or a dead animal in your vents. Nevertheless, any foul odours emanating from your air conditioner unit suggest an underlying problem with your air conditioner system.

Nothing beats escaping the sweltering summer heat and relaxing in your air-conditioned house. However, if you catch a whiff of a weird, musty odour, you must act quickly by calling an experienced AC expert from RC Cooling. At RC Cooling, we service air conditioning units in Surrey and have been a top air conditioning contractor in Surrey, Sussex, and London since 2015.

Take Care Before Embarking on a DIY Project

Never attempt to fix an air conditioner on your own. Always get a professional to attend to the job. Electrical components and water do not mix well, and electric shock is a real possibility. Furthermore, do not try to cover the odour with an air purifier or fragrance. It will only make matters worse.

What Does It Imply if Your Air Conditioner Smells Like Rotten Eggs?

A frequent cause of foul or rotten air conditioner odours is dead rodents. Birds, insects and rats can nest or seek refuge in your ductwork, becoming stuck in the equipment or trapped in ductless and central air conditioning systems, causing a distinct odour and foul smell. When you switch on your air conditioner and it emits a pungent odour, you should call a technician to assist you in removing the dead animal. 

In Conclusion

Homeowners should never ignore strange odours arising from HVAC systems. This signifies that your air conditioner is spewing harmful mould spores throughout your home. These spores can cause serious health problems, especially if one of your family members has allergies. Calling a skilled air conditioning technician from RC Cooling to evaluate your system is the best approach to get to the bottom of your Air conditioning problems. At RC cooling, we do AC maintenance, repair and attend to air conditioning installation in Surrey. When you’re searching for “air conditioning servicing near me”, RC Cooling is right on top.  We do commercial and domestic air conditioning installation. As fully-certified AC engineers, we are ready to tackle anything from the most complex to the smallest repair jobs.