Installing Air Conditioning in Your Basement Conversion

Installing Air Conditioning in Your Basement Conversion

Installing air conditioning in your basement conversion is an exciting time, you’re going to say hello to a cool breeze on a hot summers day and keep toasty warm through winter with your new economical AC or ventilation system.

Installing Air Conditioning in Your Basement Conversion is the “in Thing” You Know!

If you are looking to enhance your home you may want to convert your basement and you should be considering an Air Conditioning Installation. Whether you turn the space into a laundry room, cinema, or storage room you will want a system that keeps it warm in winter and cool in summer. You will also require effective air ventilation to make sure the room remains clean and pleasant to spend hours down there. 

Here’s Why Installing Air Conditioning Into Your Basement is a Great Idea

With installing an air conditioning unit into your basement you need to think about the size, type of building, and the quality of your insulation. Many basements don’t have anywhere near enough ventilation and the air quality can be quite poor. With minimal options to open a window or door, the air conditioning in your basement is key to ensure a clean and comfortable environment whatever you decide to use the space for.

Did You Know Air Conditioning Units in Your Basement Can Keep You Cool in Summer and Heat Your Room Through the Colder Months?

No matter what time of the year, your basement should become a place to enjoy. Effective air ventilation is also key to avoiding mould, dust mites, and unpleasant smells from the build-up of airborne pollutants. Not only can health risks be eliminated through air conditioning but also humidity-induced structural damage to your property that can be caused through poor ventilation, which leads to excessive moisture that can worsen through time. 

Which Air Conditioning Options Are Available for Your Basement Conversion?

If you currently have a heating and ventilation issues or concerns, an air conditioning system (HVAC) could help.

Contact our local engineers for a free, no-obligation quote to discuss a bespoke design and to consider the implications for your current system across London, Surrey, and Sussex.

Do You Already Have an AC System Installed? We Can Service or Replace Your Current System With a More Economical and Cost-effective Model

Should the existing system not be able to cope you could simply install further Air Conditioning units. If your current system simply is not working, our team of industry experts also provides maintenance and ongoing servicing for a wide range of economical air conditioning unit models. 

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