Air Conditioning Maintenance Services in Surrey & South London

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

RC Cooling Mechanical Services has been a leading Air Conditioning Services Contractor in Surrey since 2015. We are fully certified professionals ready for any Air Conditioning Maintenance, from the most complex, large scale construction projects to the smallest of independent businesses. We are here to improve and maintain the Air Flow in your rooms so contact our local Surrey based air conditioning engineers for a free, no obligation quote

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Surrey and South London Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Ensuring that your building is well ventilated can make a big difference to the air quality in each room. This means making sure that your ventilation systems are well-conditioned and regularly maintained. Our team of local engineers is adept at maintaining air conditioning units, repairing them when they break down, and replacing units for commercial and residential properties. Whether your air conditioning units are a decade-old or newly fitted, they still require regular maintenance and servicing for maximum efficiency.  

When Should I Service My Air Conditioning System?

Your Air Conditioning system should be serviced once a year. The system should also work effortlessly, when you begin to notice it you should be concerned. When the air ventilation seems off and the room becomes stuffy, as well as when the system fails to cool or heat a room as you would expect. The biggest indication will be any smell emanating from the system itself, a sure sign that you require Air Conditioning services to come out and service your units before they require replacing. Contact our local engineers if you need a professional to look at your Air Conditioning system.

How Important Is Maintaining an Air Conditioning System?

Really important, though a lot does depend on the room and what that room is used for. For residential properties, should your air conditioning system only be used for cooling you only need one visit a year, if the system is for both heating and cooling then two visits a year should be sufficient?

Maintaining Air Conditioning and Ventilation in Commercial Properties

If you have a commercial property such as an office, bar or retail shop you should have at least two visits a year. However, in a small room with a lot of airborne pollutants including in beauty salons, hairdressers and industrial facilities, the importance of your air conditioning system becomes critical and we would recommend three or more visits a year to ensure the air ventilation in your business is fit for purpose.  

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