Air Conditioning Installation For The Lounge In Your Brockham Home

Air Conditioning Installation for lounges

Your lounge should be the room in which you relax and enjoy spending time with those closest to you. One method of achieving that is making sure that the Air Conditioning is just right. That means a bespoke design that works for the dimensions of your lounge as well as the layout. RC Cooling can offer tailor-made solutions to fit your budget.

The Factors To Consider For An Air Conditioning Installation In Your Lounge

Every lounge is unique which is an important aspect to take into account when considering an Air Conditioning Installation. The television may be in a particular spot and the sofa may be angled a particular way which can all have an impact on the Air Ventilation and how the room is heated. Not only can Air Conditioning units create the perfect climate they can also have a positive impact on your energy bills. 

The positioning of your Air Conditioning units and the various types that are used should also be considered. 

  • Wall Mounted. These Air Conditioners are likely the most popular for a lounge due to their cost-effectiveness. They are also relatively straightforward to retrofit and quiet.
  • Low Wall-Mounted. Slightly more expensive than wall mounted units and less visible. If you were looking to upgrade your lounge then replacing your radiators with one of these would be a viable option as they can heat and cool effectively. 
  • Ducted. The premium option and the most desirable as the unit and ductwork are hidden, either within the ceiling or loft space. These are certainly the best option if you are undertaking a building project as their installation requires a ceiling void.

Not only do Air Conditioning units offer an efficient cooling option but are also a great heating solution if you are looking to cut the cost of your energy bills and add value to your home.

Make an enquiry with our local engineers to discuss the Air Conditioning Installation for your lounge.

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