Air Conditioning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Air Conditioning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Spending long hours inside, we rely on air conditioning to create comfortable and healthy homes, offices and shops.  With air conditioning technology much improved of late, air heating and cooling units are prevalent in London. While it’s customary to hire air conditioning professionals in London, most people sometimes tend to forget that regular maintenance is just as important for proper functioning and longevity of AC units. Let us take a look at the common air conditioning mistakes that impair AC units. And, discuss why hiring a London air conditioner technician for domestic air conditioning installation is important. 

Why Is It Important to Change AC Filters? 

One of the biggest air conditioning mistakes is not changing filters. Ideally, you need to change the AC filters once every three months. This is an integral part of your residential air conditioning maintenance. Failure to do so will result in low efficiency. Moreover, it can shorten the life span of your AC unit. Pumping air through the system will become harder when the filters are clogged. AC units in London not only provide heating and cooling but also keep dust and debris out of indoor areas. However, if the filters are not cleaned properly dust can get inside your home or office. You can prevent this by changing AC filters at regular intervals.

Why Is It Important to Install the AC Unit in the Right Place? 

This is a classic mistake a large number of AC owners make. If you place your air conditioner in a sunny position, it’ll have to work extra hard to function. Ideally, you should place your air conditioner in a dark area which isn’t crowded. This is why when it comes to residential air conditioning installation you need to call a professional AC technician.

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Why Is It Important to Service the AC Unit Annually?  

A good AC unit can serve you for a number of years. However, it is important to maintain the unit in optimal condition by hiring an air conditioner technician to service it once a year. Annual servicing is an integral part of residential air conditioning maintenance as well as office AC maintenance. Even if you feel that the AC system is working well, hire an AC technician to take a look at the unit and service it thoroughly.

Why Is It Important to Have a Programmable Thermostat in Your AC?

A programmable thermostat is essential to maintain optimal temperature in your home or office, and to save energy. While thermostats come in different designs, you need to select the one that best suits your AC unit.

Why Shouldn’t You Set the Thermostat Too Low?

Your thermostat should be set at an ambient level to maintain room temperature at a comfortable level and to ensure its proper functioning. When you set it too low, (more than 20° lower than the outside temperature at the given time) the AC will keep on running without reaching the target temperature. The AC will keep on running, wasting energy and wearing it down to potentially overheat and even shutdown.

Why Is It Important to Place Vents and Thermostats Properly?

AC accessories need to be placed properly if you wish to optimize its function and ensure its longevity. For example, a poorly positioned vent will cause your electricity consumption to increase. In addition, it is essential to switch off the AC unit when the room is empty.

To sum up, it is not only important to hire a professional for commercial and domestic air conditioning installation, but also for regular commercial and residential air conditioning maintenance.

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