Are Home Ventilation Systems Worth It?

Are Home Ventilation Systems Worth It

Are home ventilation systems worth it? Poor air quality has been a threat to public health for decades, silently infecting people and triggering respiratory illnesses. Meanwhile, the COVID – 19 pandemic highlighted this issue, changing the way we think about indoor air quality. But, are home ventilations systems worth it? Let us take an insightful look at the benefits of ventilation installation.

Are Home Ventilation Systems Worth It? Our Air Conditioning and Ventilations Experts Take a Look

What Is Ventilation and Why Is It Important?

Ventilation in simple terms means the process of supplying clean (typically outdoor) air into indoor spaces and removing stale air. There are numerous types of ventilation systems that can be used to increase the supply of fresh air indoors. While ventilation is especially required in commercial spaces, you can significantly improve air quality in your home with air conditioning. If you are looking for London ventilation installation experts, we can offer you our professional services.

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When you spend most of your time indoors, poor ventilation can lead to poor health with the Corona virus spreading efficiently through aerosols, and air impurities leading to other health concerns.  

Depending on your work arrangement, if you spend a considerable time indoors, it is important to consider ventilation installation for health reasons, especially during the pandemic.  

Why Is Home Ventilation Important?

Before the 1980s, our homes were draughty because of the way they were built with unsealed walls, open doors and windows. While draughty homes were hard to heat, they were healthy to live in sans the presence of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) from carpets and furniture and dust mites. Once we began to insulate our floors, walls and cavities to achieve a higher standard and installed sealed windows and doors, we restricted the amount of uncontrolled ventilation. Well insulated homes retain heat for longer, but the downside is that we experience increased condensation, mould and stale, unhealthy air.

Are Home Ventilation Systems Worth It? Here’s How to Improve Your Air Quality at Home

Fortunately, there is a simple and effective solution to the bad air quality problem. Ventilation installation in London is one of the most reliable and efficient ways of introducing controlled ventilation to your home. A properly installed and maintained AC unit will improve air quality in your home and regulate temperature in winter and summer with air cooling and heating.

What Are the Benefits of Home Ventilation Systems?

A robust, well-maintained air ventilation system expels the build-up of pollutants, bacteria, excessive moisture and odours.  Damp conditions and condensation can lead to health issues such as allergies and respiratory problems in the long run. Moreover, good ventilation systems regulate air flow within your home, helping to save energy while maintaining good air quality indoors.

Why Do You Need Professional Ventilation Technicians to Install and Maintain Your Ventilation Unit?

The efficiency of your home ventilation system largely depends on its size (to fit the rooms), placements and regular maintenance. Before installing a ventilation system at home, check room size and window placement to maximise energy efficiency and ensure the longevity of your system. Once the ventilation unit is in place, you need to regularly clean ducts, replace air filters and service it annually.

Planning and installing your ventilation system is a job that requires the expertise of experienced commercial and residential Air Conditioning engineers. To request a quote or arrange a visit from one of our project estimators, please call our office.