Can You Use a Humidifier with Air Conditioning?

Can You Use a Humidifier with Air Conditioning?

If the air around you lacks moisture, it can make your home too humid to live in, making you feel uncomfortable while causing damage to your home. As the atmosphere in your house dries out, you’ll notice that floors, particularly hardwood ones, will creak more. Dry air pulls moisture from the wood, causing walls and door jambs to shift. It also causes gaps between ceilings, walls, and windows made of wood.  

Having an ideal humidity level can make you feel comfortable. Can you use a humidifier with air conditioning? Read on to find out more on this subject.

Can You Use a Humidifier With Air Conditioning?

Your air conditioner works hard all summer to keep your home cool, but it can also dry out the air. Adding a humidifier to the mix can counteract that dryness when necessary. Knowing when and how to use a humidifier with your air conditioner helps both work efficiently. 

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What is a Humidifier?

What exactly does a humidifier do? A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air; a humidifier adds to it. A humidifier is a device used in and around the home that produces water vapour and increases the relative humidity level within your home. If you plan to use a humidifier in your home, you need to be aware that the ideal humidity level within your home is around 40%. To measure this, you should purchase a digital hygrometer or be sure to get a humidifier that has one built in.

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Do You Need a Humidifier?

A humidifier may very well mean the difference between agitation and relaxation at home. If you’ve ever found yourself experiencing allergy-like symptoms inside your house, then purchasing a humidifier might be a good idea. Itchy eyes or a sore throat might be the side effects of dry air in your home.

How Humidifiers Work

There are different types of humidifiers, but they all have a water reservoir to add moisture to the air. Common types of humidifiers include evaporative, steam, impeller, and ultrasonic. Choose between whole-house and portable humidifiers to add water to the atmosphere. Whole-house units attach to your HVAC system to spread moisture through ductwork, while portable humidifiers work in a single room.

In Conclusion

You can use a humidifier and an air conditioner together if you need them both. A humidifier can also be used during the winter when the air is drier. The most important thing to remember is to only use a humidifier with the air conditioner when necessary.

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