How to Hide an Air Conditioning Unit in Your Family Room

How to Hide an Air Conditioning Unit in Your Family Room

Integrating air conditioning to match a home’s family room can be incredibly challenging. An AC system that emits cool air from ducts suspended on the ceiling is acceptable, but it’s tough to hide such a unit if you have a ductless AC system. In most split systems, the indoor units and window ACs are traditionally white, making it hard to hide the AC unit entirely from any field of vision. Keep reading if you want to know how to hide an air conditioning unit in your family room

Can Interior Design Help Conceal an Indoor Air Conditioner?

You can try to conceal an air conditioner unit within a home using clever interior design to blend in with the interior style and aesthetic. Here are our top tips:

How to Hide an Air Conditioning Unit in Your Family Room?

Colour Experimentation

Most interior units for wall-mounted AC systems, including split systems, are white. However, coloured indoor systems in black, pearl white, crimson, maroon, blue, and grey are now available on the AC market. If you’re looking for a new unit, you can take advantage of these coloured possibilities but if you currently have a white unit, you will have to figure out how to harmonise it with your existing interior décor.

Draping With a Curtain

Depending on the location of the interior AC unit, it might be as simple as adorning the surroundings or covering the unit with fabric or drapes. If a unit is above a doorway or window,  extend a curtain to cover it. This is a quick and easy solution to conceal the air conditioner while not in use.

Cover It With a Visually Appealing Indoor Display Box

If you’re concerned about how an air conditioner might detract from your design, one option is to cover it with an indoor box. However, there are several things to think about before covering anything up. You don’t want to obstruct the airflow surrounding an indoor air conditioner. In addition, the indoor unit should be conveniently accessible if something breaks. Hiding an AC unit doesn’t always mean conserving space. It’s all about creating something visually appealing.

Applying Paint

If you’re not a DIY paint expert, you’ll need a professional painter to create a good finish. Painting entails removing the indoor unit and painting it piece by piece hides the protruding indoor AC unit by flawlessly matching it with the interior paintwork.

In Conclusion

Sometimes you cannot fix a central AC system in your home. In this sense, an indoor ductless unit is an option. However, if you want it to blend in with the interior décor and somewhat hide it from view, you’ll need to do some creative work. If you’re going to source an indoor unit which matches your interior paint, speak to RC Cooling. We are one of the leading Surrey air conditioning companies that do home air conditioning installation, domestic air conditioning installation and residential air conditioning in Surrey.