Installing An Air Conditioning Unit: Estimated Costs In Wallington

Installing An Air Conditioning Unit

If you are choosing to install an Air Conditioning unit for your home or office then there are several costs to consider. From the efficiency and features of the Air Conditioning system to its running costs, it’s always best to know beforehand. RC Cooling has a range of Air Conditioning units and can offer bespoke design options to suit your budget.

Running Costs

For cheaper running costs you have to select the more efficient Air Conditioning systems, even though they may be more expensive to purchase they will provide cheaper energy bills over time. Portable units are usually cheaper yet the running costs are higher whereas split or multi-split Air Conditioning systems offer better efficiency and are a more flexible, long-term solution. You should also think about the system output, specifically an Air Conditioning system that suits the size and layout of the rooms.


While an Air Conditioning system can be highly efficient, to get the best results can also mean considering how well-insulated your home or office is. Well-insulated properties will mean reduced running costs as the air will remain at a comfortable temperature for longer. That also means you won’t have to rely on your climate control settings too much.

System Controls And Features 

A more modern Air Conditioning system will have features such as programmable timers, zonal control and remote control. These can make a huge difference in ensuring that the units work just how you want them to, when you want them to. There are also features that sense how many people are in a room and adapt accordingly to create a comfortable environment to your liking. 

Our Estimated Costs

For a split system consisting of one indoor unit and one outdoor unit for a room measuring 4m² with a short pipe up to 8m long, prices start from £950+VAT. This includes the units themselves as well as materials and labour. For a home office or gym, Air Conditioning installation starts from £1500+VAT.

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